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$13 from each shirt sold will go to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS).

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Midwest United FC Kicks Cancer 2024

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    Blood cancer has had a devastating effect on two of our own families within the Midwest United FC Club: Jackee Fisher and Maddie Lockwood.


    Jackee Fisher, a current ECNL player from 2009, bravely faced a leukemia diagnosis in 2022. 

    2024 Visionaries of the Year Award Hero.

    At 13 years old, Jackee and her family received a diagnosis that haunt parents’ nightmares.  Immediately, she was pulled from her normal routine of school, soccer practice, homework, dinner and bedtime to a 6-month, in-patient treatment at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital where her new routine included isolation, nausea, vomiting, relentless nose bleeds, fever, and hair loss.  By the grace of God, following 5 rounds of grueling chemotherapy, she was able to ring the bell for remission.  Today, she is back on the field with her friends and teammates and living the life of a student athlete once again, but the effect of her cancer journey will live within her for a lifetime.  

    As anyone can imagine, losing your hair for a teenage girl is a big deal. Cancer is this thing you cannot see that is wreaking havoc on your body but losing your beautiful hair is something that you can’t avoid seeing.  It’s looking back at you every time you wash your hands, brush your teeth, take a selfie.  Like anyone, Jackee was scared!  But then, with the love and support from her cousin, family and God’s love, a brave warrior surfaced, and she embraced her new beauty.  Her bravery and courageousness inspire everyone around her. 


    Maddie Lockwood, sister to our 2011 ECNL player Cammie Lockwood, received her leukemia diagnosis in 2019.

    For two and a half years, age 10 to 12 ½, Maddie endured what seemed like endless chemotherapy treatments to cure her cancer, but this simultaneously wreaked havoc on her young body.  Rather than enjoying school and dance with her friends, she was suffering from hair loss, nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, muscle weakness and broken bones.  The family had to powerlessly watch Maddie suffer unimaginable pain, isolation, and fear with only prayers and Maddie’s positivity to give them hope.  

    Throughout their journey, the family felt blessed with love, prayers, and support that allowed them to focus on Maddie’s fight. The family knew that once Maddie rang the remission bell, they would find a way to give back and help others. In 2023, Maddie was selected to be LLS’s 2023 West Michigan Honored Hero and in 2024 her dad, Aaron Lockwood accepted his nomination as a Visionary of the Year Candidate.

    The Fisher family and the Lockwood families are just two of many families that are affected by blood cancers in our community.  Their battles, along with countless others, serve as a stark reminder of the urgency and importance of supporting initiatives aimed at finding a cure.